AgWatch Game Cameras

This 10 Mega pixel wildlife hunting camera delivers amazingly crisp images. It's ideal for capturing shots of wildlife, gas tank theft, vandalism or any sort of covert surveillance in remote areas where power is not available. The DVR/camera is in a weatherproof box and has built in infrared for night viewing as well as motion activated recording feature. There is no flash to disturb the animals or alert the trespassers/vandals etc. It can take date & time stamped digital stills or full color video footage and store the data on an SD card (not included). You can view your images instantly on the built in 2.4 inch LCD or back them up to your PC or laptop for storing and viewing. The built in rechargeable battery can last (dependent upon activity) up to 2 weeks off a full charge. Agwatch includes at no cost an additional extended life battery. This allows for quick and easy battery swaps and no down time for recharging.

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10 Mega Pixel all-in-one GAME CAMERAS


Hunting success depends greatly on knowing the habits and movements of your prey.  Agwatch 10 MP hunting camera offers superior clarity and quality of picture. After all, if you have a picture but can’t see it clearly, what’s the point? Keep track of game patterns and movements on your selected sites. Agwatch infrared scouting cameras have no flash to frighten the animals or trespassers. Game cameras have a rugged waterproof case and menu driven 2.5″ LCD display. Instant viewing of your video or pictures on the spot. These all in one security/hunting cameras come with 2 removable/rechargable lithium batteries or can be powered by a 12v power supply.

Agwatch is a supplier of high quality 10MP game cameras. These infrared game cameras are best used for: hunting: motion activated recording of hunting trails & wild animals. Home security evidence. Ranch or business video security applications. Covert surveillance in locations where POWER is not available. Ranch equipment can be monitored for theft. Monitor haystacks, grain bins and fuel tanks.   Also check out our long range wireless options for multiple remote viewing locations 

Main Features of Game Cameras

  • Mode LCD displays date, time, picture, number, delay time and battery status.
  • Motion triggered and adjustable PIR sensitivity.
  • Auto-distinguish images.
  • Color images in daytime/black & white night images.
  • Stores pictures in SD/MMC card. Multi-shot of 1/3 pictures.
  • Video default is 30 seconds.
  • Programmable from 10 seconds to 990 seconds delay time between triggers.
  • “NO Flash” Uses 54 infrared LEDS to illuminate the coverage area.
  • Water proof housing case.
  • Four Native Languages: German, French, English, Chinese.
  • Date and time stamp on each picture.
  • Power jack for external DC 12V input.
  • Agwatch game cameras extra long life and standard battery are included.


AgWatch Game Camera Specs