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AgWatch – Who We Are
Benefits of Farm & Ranch Camera Security Equipment
Considerations when purchasing Farm & Ranch camera security equipment
What areas need camera monitoring?

AgWatch – Who We Are

AgWatch is a distributor of digital surveillance equipment located in Colorado. We owe our success to our excellent customer service and top-notch equipment, we soar above the rest in our industry. Our owners have first-hand experience in the agricultural industry that enables us to offer better products and solutions for the needs of our customers. As the consumer, regardless of where you are located, we have the solution for you. We work with all 50 states, International, as well as overseas and we make sure that location is never an issue. We ship to all USA Domestic Locations, International Shipping is limited to trade/tarriff regulations associated with your country. AgWatch is dedicated to exceptional quality and exceptional service from start to finish with each customer, regardless of the dollar amount of their purchase – no need is too small and every need is considered important.

We offer an extensive line of electronics, hardware and software to accomplish all types of remote and unattended surveillance. Our security camera systems are designed and manufactured with over 50 years of combined agricultural experience. Our design engineers are farm and ranch specialist and can custom design a complete surveillance system or you can purchase one of our easy to install systems. We back each system with our exclusive 2-year full replacement warranty and provide top notch technical support for the life of our products. Protect and monitor your farm, ranch, business or home with the best equipment on the market today!

Our company is dedicated to innovation and implementation in the surveillance industry. Regardless of the need, the solution is only a phone call away.

Benefits of Farm & Ranch Camera Security Equipment

  • Monitor for theft: Security cameras will capture images of those who enter and exit the property. The coverage helps you to ensure that only authorized personnel are in the facilities. Video surveillance in areas such as holding pens, calving pens, tool shops and gates will also help prevent thieves from stealing animals and equipment.
  • Protect water and food supplies: These are crucial elements for farm and ranch operations. Video surveillance plays an important role in keeping your free from contamination.
  • Monitor operations: Security cameras help you to monitor your daily operations such as milking and feeding and help it run smoothly.
  • Employee monitoring: Video surveillance can monitor your employees to ensure that their duties are carried out properly.
  • Remote playback and monitoring: With an IP-based surveillance system, farm and ranch owners can monitor their operations remotely. The data can be stored digitally and searched when needed.

Considerations when purchasing Farm & Ranch camera security equipment

  • Has there been theft and/or vandalism?
  • What facilities would you like to monitor?
  • Do you have existing security measures in place?
  • Do you feel the need to monitor your employees?
  • Do you require outdoor or indoor cameras?
  • If you need outdoor cameras, will weather or tampering be a factor?
  • What are the most sensitive and/or high-risk areas that need monitoring?

What areas need monitoring?

  • Security cameras can monitor gate and access areas to prevent animals from escaping
  • Entrances and exits can capture images of those entering and leaving the facility
  • Monitor driveways to view who enters the property
  • Cameras can monitor holding pens to track animal behavior and work functions
  • Video surveillance can monitor high-risk areas such as fuel tanks, tools, supplies and machinery
  • Security cameras can watch over feed lanes, milk houses, holding pens and calving pens
  • Prevent theft of fuel, tools and machinery