Agricultural Applications for Video Surveillance & Monitoring Systems

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We offer a variety of video solutions for the agriculture world. If you have any questions on a particular application, need a quote or just want to speak with someone to be sure your getting the best system for your specific needs, feel free to contact us.

Agricultural applications for AgWatch surveillance systems and back up cameras.

  • Eliminate blind spots and the liabilities that come with them.
  • Improve day and night visibility.
  • Durable, wide-angle cameras; easy to mount and easily moved to new applications.
  • Secure valuable assets.
  • Easy internet & 3G remote access allows for unheard of remote management potential.
  • Email alerts
  • increase overall operations efficiency.
  • additional sets of eyes that are not on hourly wages

Below is a list of applications our customers have used AgWatch surveillance systems and video monitoring systems to assist them in improving efficiency.

  • AgWatch back up camera system for use on the auger of the grain cart looking into truck.
  • AgWatch wireless back up camera installed on a combine looking into the grain cart while monitoring in tractor.
  • AgWatch wireless back up camera located on combine rear to watch chopper.
  • AgWatch 4 camera home surveillance system to secure gates and points of entry to property. License plate recognition is available.
  • AgWatch Game Cameras are often used for remote video surveillance in locations where power is not easily attained or simply not available.
  • AgWatch 4 camera home surveillance system to secure gas tanks around farms and businesses.
  • AgWatch Game Cameras used for covert surveillance in hunting and sportsmen shops.
  • AgWatch 4 camera home surveillance system used to allow clients of a foaling stable to view their mares/foals remotely from their homes across the country!
  • AgWatch 16 camera home surveillance system used by Midwest farms to secure and manage their hog production business.
  • AgWatch backup cameras installed on the rear of the grain cart to watch for cars and etc.
  • AgWatch backup cameras installed on grain cart tractor looking into the cart or truck
  • AgWatch backup camera system located inside combine to watch sieves.
  • AgWatch wireless security cameras installed at gates and weigh stations to ensure proper load weights and counts.
  • AgWatch wireless back up cameras with cameras located at dump stations and wireless receivers and monitors mounted in multiple trucks.
  • AgWatch back up camera systems installed on balers to monitor knot tying and rear of baler.
  • AgWatch 8 camera home surveillance system installed in a clients garages and tool sheds to secure thousands of dollars in tools & equipment.
  • AgWatch back up cameras installed to view tillage equipment and ensure the customer did not pick up rocks or other debris.
  • AgWatch back up camera installed on sprayer rigs to view spray pattern and ensure even coverage from start to finish.
  • AgWatch wireless back up camera installed at grain bins looking into bins, saving the customer countless hours of climbing up and down ladders.
  • AgWatch wireless security cameras installed at dryers watching the operation.
  • AgWatch back up cameras installed on rear of tractors and other large apparatus to assist in hooking up equipment and hitches.
  • AgWatch wireless back up camerasinstalled into live stock and/or horse trailers to watch animals during transit.
  • AgWatch wireless back up camera installed on the rear of trailers, RV’s, 5th wheels and coaches for back up assistance.
  • AgWatch 4 camera home surveillance system used to monitor gauges on equipment at Saffer Spray Service.
  • AgWatch video monitoring systems are commonly installed on earth moving equipment, fork lifts, manure spreaders and tow trucks to allow for easy 360 degree viewing.

If you are using your AgWatch system in a unique application we WANT to know about it. Call us with your account name and your unique application for any of our video surveillance products or the video monitoring systems and it will earn you an additional 10% discount on your next purchase!

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