4 Camera DVR Surveillance Kit

These internet ready 4 camera home surveillance systems (monitor NOT included) come with everything you need to setup and install your own barn camera, foaling camera or horse camera.

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4 Camera Home Surveillance Systems

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These internet ready 4 camera home surveillance systems (monitor NOT included) come with everything you need to setup and install your own barn camerafoaling camera or horse camera. These systems are designed to be installed and monitored either at your residence or your place of business as well as live viewing on your 3G phones or tablets.  This kits come with 4 Sony high resolution, day/night, weatherproof security cameras w/ wall or ceiling mounts. Wireless kits are available for all AgWatch security camera products.

These amazing home surveillance systems are similar in size to a standard VCR, but that’s where the similarities end. Using this DVR, the video is recorded digitally to a hard drive inside of the DVR, instead of using video tape. This allows for continuous or motion activated recording of video from all 4 security cameras for days, weeks, or months dependent on the size of the hard drive.  When the hard drive storage becomes full, the system automatically goes back to the oldest video on file and begins to record over it.  If you need to save any video, you can easily copy it directly to a compatible USB flash drive. The live or recorded video can be viewed on any TV or flat panel monitor w/ RCA or VGA inputs.

These security cameras are designed to be internet and 3G compatible for remote/off site viewing.  Once the system is connected to the internet you can view the video live through the internet explorer browser on your PC, laptop or 3G phone from any (high speed) internet connection on Earth!

Any of our security cameras can be made wireless with the addition of a transmitter/receiver kit. This makes these DIY surveillance systems perfect for internet monitoring of your foaling camerabarn camera, and horse camera from anywhere in the world.


H.264 video compression

Motion detection on all cameras

HDMI/VGA/BNC video output connector

Easily back up recorded video to USB flash drive

Provides high quality real-time preview, recording and playback.

Support remote view via 3G mobile phone.

Email Alerts

Playback and remote viewing via IE browser

Includes USB mouse and remote control


This package includes:

  • 1 – 4 channel internet ready DVR with 500 GB of storage
  • 2 – Sony Effio, 650 TVL, day/night infrared, weather/vandal proof dome cameras
  • 2 – Sony Effio, 650 TVL, day/night infrared, weatherproof bullet cameras
  • 4 – 12 volt power supplies
  • 4 – 50′ power/video cables